September 24, 2021

Texas Car Inspection Investigation

Apparently safety, or at least the appearance of it, can be bought — but only at a premium. Undercover police officers arrested two men in Houston for fraudulently selling Texas state inspection stickers to drivers who either don’t have insurance or whose cars were unable to pass the state’s mandatory emissions test. According to the police, Ziyad Ebrahimi and Jose Jesus Garcia were selling the stickers for $125 when state inspections cost only $39.75. The worst part about this problem? Scams like this one force law-abiding citizens to share the roads with hundreds of thousands of dangerously uninsured drivers.

Texas Car Inspection Investigation

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Vehicle Inspection – What You Need To Be Able To Drive

A vehicle inspection is necessary if you want to be able to experience a safe trip on the road. Driving is not safe all the time and you never know if you will meet any accidents along the road. The best you can do is prevent it by doing what you can–submitting your car for inspection.

Vehicle Inspection

Upon purchase, you need to register your vehicle. But before doing so, you must submit it for inspection to your motor vehicle agency. Initial inspection is a must, but re-inspection after quite some time is also best for your vehicle.

You need to know that most agencies schedule a re-inspection after your vehicle has driven around five thousand miles. But do not get it wrong; your vehicle may be inspected more often if it is often used in huge cities where traffic is heavy rather than when it is mostly used on highways where you speed off to your heart’s desire. This may be the opposite of what you expected, but this is what agencies are enforcing.

Allow your agency to perform a comprehensive check on your vehicle. They may take a look at the exterior and check it for any dents that may be due to factory defects. They will also check the engine as well as devices in the car to make sure they are working properly. If it fails, it is not in good coniditon.

The following are also included upon inspection–horn operation as well as headlights function, brake and brake fluid, seat belt condition, windshield function, door lock function, and air bag function. It may not be limited to those; be thankful if they decide to add some more.

After the inspection, make sure you do your part. Check everything to see if the inspectors have missed out anything. Every inch of the car should be inspected, and do not leave yourself guessing if everything else is in good condition. If you have any questions about the engine or if anything is bothering you, make sure to contact your car dealer as soon as possible.

Do not forget to take your vehicle for a test drive once everything is done. Observe how the engine performs and how the car runs. An overall observation is important. Keep your eye open and concentrate on your keen senses of observation. Remember what you observe and when you notice something peculiar, call your car dealer immediately. They can help you with anything that pertains to your car’s condition as long as you tell them how it has been performing lately.

A thorough inspection may help protect you from possible dangers along the road. When you know you can prevent accidents, do your part. You know that accidents can be costly with all those medical and hospital bills. Not only that, it can be life threatening too. It can also help save you a lot of money on maintenance as well as many other unnecessary charges. It turns out that vehicle inspection can bring you more benefits then you expected it to.

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