September 24, 2021

Texas Car Inspection Investigation

Apparently safety, or at least the appearance of it, can be bought — but only at a premium. Undercover police officers arrested two men in Houston for fraudulently selling Texas state inspection stickers to drivers who either don’t have insurance or whose cars were unable to pass the state’s mandatory emissions test. According to the police, Ziyad Ebrahimi and Jose Jesus Garcia were selling the stickers for $125 when state inspections cost only $39.75. The worst part about this problem? Scams like this one force law-abiding citizens to share the roads with hundreds of thousands of dangerously uninsured drivers.

Texas Car Inspection Investigation

KHOU – Houston

Lawmakers should consider enforcing strict car seat Laws

“A visit to the St Joseph’s Children Hospital to Tampa will set the alarm bells ringing within every law maker with respect to the current state of car seat laws in the country.

car seat laws

In that Hospital, an 8-year-old girl named Kaylin has been admitted for severe injuries suffered in a car accident.

She was sitting in her dad’s car in a center position with thigh belts attached to her thighs. When there was a minor accident, the girl was thrown forward causing her to smash against the front panel causing injuries to her face and eyes.

In addition to these injuries, the small intestines of the girl also got damaged.

The injury to the intestines is not due to the car accident, but due to the belt crushing the girl’s stomach.

National Transportation Safety Board have always been advocating for a tighter car seat laws and now they will get support from the public too.”

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Basic Car Repair And Regular Maintenance – Oil Changes, Tire Rotation, Etc.

When you own a car, knowledge about car repair is a must. You cannot take a car out for a drive and expect the best out of everything. What if it suddenly breaks down even if it is well-maintained and well taken cared of? In these circumstances, even the most basic knowledge will have to do.

Car Repair

Maintenance for your car is also important, and you just can’t rely on the mechanic every time. Learn the basics of repair and maintenance on your car today and see how much better you can manage your vehicle. Let me show you the ways.

The most basic knowledge about car repair and maintenance should start with getting to know the terms used and the simple processes. Allow me to walk you through the most common processes.

1. Learn to change your tires.

Changing tires is very important to learn especially when you are always driving alone especially in highways where the next repair station is miles away. Always learn to carry an extra tire with you and the tools needed to replace the flat tire. Flat tires are a very common occurrence on the road, and you are most likely to experience it at least once in your life.

Practice changing your tires at home. If you find that it is too complicated or too tedious to be done on your own, ask your mechanic to teach you any tips. They have been experienced with changing tires and they can probably give you a tip or two for beginners.

2. Learn to change your oil in a regular time interval.

Oil is important to help keep your car running smoothly. Change it regularly to prevent too much smoke emissions and to keep your engine in good running condition. You are not only helping your car get in good shape but you are also helping the environment.

3. Know the process of tire rotation.

Tire rotation is the process of moving the tire’s position constantly to ensure that wear and tear will be placed evenly on your tires. If you think it is too complicated for you to perform, have a mechanic teach you the basics.

4. Know what the gauges mean.

Your car has certain gauges that specify certain things. Make sure you know what each one represents. Reading it will help you understand what your car lacks and what it has plenty of.

You may also enrol yourself in classes that are meant to help you learn about the basics of auto repair. These classes are usually offered for a short-time, usually just a couple of hours. If you think you are capable of learning on your own, that would be great as it will be the best way of enhancing your skills.

Educate yourself with all these new knowledge and see yourself to be a better driver and owner of your car. The more you know, the better you will be able to take care of car break downs the next time you experience it. Good luck and have fun learning all about car repair.

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Car Inspection – What Is Required By Most States?

Car inspection is utterly important for everyone who owns or drives a car often. Cars are just machines with engines and you never know when its parts will accidentally come loose. Or worse, you might not have checked it thoroughly when you purchased it and there might be some factory defects. Whatever the situation is, you need to have it inspected, because it can become quite risky for you. Accidents on the road are common, and you do not want to be the next victim just because of some neglected things.

Car InspectionYou may want to know if your state requires auto inspection. Some states have it as a requirement before you register it. States like Alabama, Delaware, and Montana require auto inspection, so if you live in these states you may want to submit your vehicle for the necessary process of evaluation.

Like other things, there are still exceptions. Your state may be willing to let your vehicle pass without inspection if you do not live in that state, or if your car is still new. Sometimes, you may also have to re-inspect your vehicle depending upon the number of years from the last time it was checked.

Lots of paperwork may be involved, so you may want to ask your motor vehicle agency about the process. Generally, the process is somewhat similar in most states, so let me give you a hint on what goes on during the inspection.

Your car is checked from the most obvious details to the tiniest of all things. First the exterior is checked. Glass is checked for any slight cracks that may be hard to see by the naked eye. Mirrors are also checked thoroughly. The paint on the body is also checked for any fading of color and the bumpers are checked for dents. Allow the inspector to go through your car to make sure not even the tiniest detail can be let out of sight.

Next, they go into the interior. All the seats are checked, as well as the covers and the cushions. Even the smallest spot of stain needs to be found. Then they proceed with the electrical components. GPS, radio, and all similar devices are checked and they need to make sure that all features function properly.

Do not forget to check the tires for any wear and tear that may cause your car’s performance to drop. Also check the oil to prevent any excessive emissions of harmful substances and to keep your car in tip top condition.

To keep it running smoothly, once the car is yours, you may want to submit it for regular checkups and maintenance. Remember that if you keep your car in good condition then it is most likely to pass again in the next inspection.

This is only a general overview of what to expect when you submit your car for inspection. It could vary depending on the agency that performs the process, but generally it is what your automobile will go through during an initial car inspection.

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