September 24, 2021

Lawmakers should consider enforcing strict car seat Laws

“A visit to the St Joseph’s Children Hospital to Tampa will set the alarm bells ringing within every law maker with respect to the current state of car seat laws in the country.

car seat laws

In that Hospital, an 8-year-old girl named Kaylin has been admitted for severe injuries suffered in a car accident.

She was sitting in her dad’s car in a center position with thigh belts attached to her thighs. When there was a minor accident, the girl was thrown forward causing her to smash against the front panel causing injuries to her face and eyes.

In addition to these injuries, the small intestines of the girl also got damaged.

The injury to the intestines is not due to the car accident, but due to the belt crushing the girl’s stomach.

National Transportation Safety Board have always been advocating for a tighter car seat laws and now they will get support from the public too.”

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