September 24, 2021

Car Inspection – What Is Required By Most States?

Car inspection is utterly important for everyone who owns or drives a car often. Cars are just machines with engines and you never know when its parts will accidentally come loose. Or worse, you might not have checked it thoroughly when you purchased it and there might be some factory defects. Whatever the situation is, you need to have it inspected, because it can become quite risky for you. Accidents on the road are common, and you do not want to be the next victim just because of some neglected things.

Car InspectionYou may want to know if your state requires auto inspection. Some states have it as a requirement before you register it. States like Alabama, Delaware, and Montana require auto inspection, so if you live in these states you may want to submit your vehicle for the necessary process of evaluation.

Like other things, there are still exceptions. Your state may be willing to let your vehicle pass without inspection if you do not live in that state, or if your car is still new. Sometimes, you may also have to re-inspect your vehicle depending upon the number of years from the last time it was checked.

Lots of paperwork may be involved, so you may want to ask your motor vehicle agency about the process. Generally, the process is somewhat similar in most states, so let me give you a hint on what goes on during the inspection.

Your car is checked from the most obvious details to the tiniest of all things. First the exterior is checked. Glass is checked for any slight cracks that may be hard to see by the naked eye. Mirrors are also checked thoroughly. The paint on the body is also checked for any fading of color and the bumpers are checked for dents. Allow the inspector to go through your car to make sure not even the tiniest detail can be let out of sight.

Next, they go into the interior. All the seats are checked, as well as the covers and the cushions. Even the smallest spot of stain needs to be found. Then they proceed with the electrical components. GPS, radio, and all similar devices are checked and they need to make sure that all features function properly.

Do not forget to check the tires for any wear and tear that may cause your car’s performance to drop. Also check the oil to prevent any excessive emissions of harmful substances and to keep your car in tip top condition.

To keep it running smoothly, once the car is yours, you may want to submit it for regular checkups and maintenance. Remember that if you keep your car in good condition then it is most likely to pass again in the next inspection.

This is only a general overview of what to expect when you submit your car for inspection. It could vary depending on the agency that performs the process, but generally it is what your automobile will go through during an initial car inspection.

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